Intermediate Website

Intermediate Website

Golden OpportunityNormally… US $550.00, our “Intermediate Web Site Package” is now… US $440.00 if you host it with us at

Intermediate Web Site Package includes:

  1. Golden Button You can Host 2 Domains (1 is Paid for One Year),
  2. Golden Button Large 20000MB Hosting Space (Paid for One Year),
  3. Golden Button 2 Databases (1 Installed),
  4. Golden Button One Hosting Control Panel (Ready to Go),
  5. Golden Button One Operating System (Installed),
  6. Golden Button One Web Site with “Blog”
  7. Golden Button One “Contact” (or a title of your choice) Page,
  8. Golden Button Up to 7 Pages included,
  9. Golden Button One Web site Administration Panel (Ready to Go),
  10. Golden ButtonOne Firewall (Installed Plugin),
  11. Golden ButtonOne Spam Control (Installed Plugin),
  12. Golden ButtonOne Contact Form (Installed Plugin),
  13. Golden ButtonOne Year Maintenance (Paid for One Year),
  14. Golden ButtonOne Year of XTreme Support (Paid for One Year)


Terms and Conditions regarding our *UNLIMITED* USAGE POLICIES AND DEFINITIONS.. Hosting Motion Terms of Service


Hosting Motion Terms of Service



One Domain Name (learn more)

Only One .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, or TLD (Top Level Domain) is included in this package.

Hosting Motion offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our hosting services, you can submit a refund request in a trouble ticket opened from your web hosting control panel, and receive full refund for your hosting plan within 30 days of the purchasing of the account.

Please, NOTE that domain name registrations / transfers are non-refundable services For more information click the Hosting Motion Terms of Service button above.

IncludesYou can Edit, Add, or Delete Pages immediately – Powerful package and it will allow you to add on later as your business grows – We keep your core software in order and up to date for the first year free of charge – It is up to you thereafter to keep us around or not.

Check our Website Maintenance Packages



If you decide to add an additional page or several, and you wish to do it yourself – As long as your account is in good order – we add you as an Editor of your website. However, if you prefer for us to take care of it at our low prices,

Order Intermediate Website Maintenance



Includes2 databases at your disposal which will allow you to develop 2 web sites with different systems if you wish – We keep your databases in order for the first year free of charge – It is up to you thereafter to keep us around or not.

IncludesAbsolutely no Template involved – You get 1 entirely Custom Designed Web Site with this Plan.

IncludesUp to 3 roughs – We will propose up to 3 roughs according to your envision description of the look you wish for, and for you to try it out – If you do love an existing template, We will build a “Child Theme” that will look similar to it so you never have to worry about loosing your design during updates, we incorporate the Logo, the content and the images that you provide for it.

IncludesYou can host 2 Domain Names with this plan – One of these Domains is Paid for the minimum period of one year – If you have already purchased a domain name with us at, we’ll deduct its cost (US $9.50) from the total offered here; if you have purchased your domain name somewhere else, we use the US $9.50 to cover its transfer to your new host (Hosting Motion), which in turn will extend its registration for another year, so you don´t loose anything.

IncludesIf you decide to purchase a couple of domain names because it is always a good idea – Although their purchase is not included in this package, if you have purchased them with us at, we will “park” them for you and have them redirect to your main domain for free.

IncludesIntermediate Hosting of US $96.00/year – Your Hosting Plan is Paid for one full year – If you have already purchased an hosting package with us at, we’ll deduct the US $96.00 from the total offered here.

IncludesWe’ve got you covered with one of the most comprehensive Web Hosting Package out there – We will set you up with a temporary Domain until the Domain name you have chosen resolves world wide.

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Important PointAll we need at this point is a 30% CommentPlease read our Hosting Motion 30-day money back guarantee and Terms of Service (Link Bellow) Down Payment showing us your commitment

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