Samples of Web Sites, Logos, Image Corrections, Flash®, and Small Animations we have Designed over the years;
We can’t obviously show you each and every project we have worked on, and we will certainly try to update this side of our website as we go along.
Again, we’re trying to give you as much detail as possible on – and this is the main idea behind this page – the balance between the work provided and the cost it has incurred their respective owner.
Another word, we would like to give you an idea of how much a project may cost you.
Some work may appear very expensive when they’re not, and vice-verso. 🙂

Website Design

newmatusa.com Newmatusa.com (Since 2000) is a corporate style web site that focuses on the pictures of its completed projects.

A professional side with username and password was created for Architects, Light Designers, and professionals alike to view the more technical parts of this stretch ceiling systems business such as detailed Auto-CAD (shop-drawings) of its different products and systems, and their downloads.

Several forms are also available to the viewer for specific requests such as Catalogs, 3D Drawings, Support, etc..

This web site has been in the work since 1999 with consistent additions of their latest completed projects, and according to its owner, thousands of dollars of well invested money, because of the time and important data it has been saving him.

We have just passed the $80,000 US Dollar Mark, currently positioned @ #4 in the first page of Google for “stretch ceiling systems”

Yoga CozumelYogaCozumel.com (Since 2009) is a Free Spirit Style Design.

We used WordPress Engine to Power it; Selene (The Owner) has the ability to update it at will without having to call us each and every time. WordPress is more and more popular for creating websites – WordPress helps you update a website without knowledge of code, it natively handles most of search engine optimization (SEO) – YogaCozumel.com is #1 in Google for the term “cozumel yoga”, actually in 7th. position of the first page (at the time of writing this) if you type only “yoga”, which is quite an accomplishment!
Bravo Selene!

We only charged $400.00 US for the implementation and the design of the site – Selene already had content for it – She’s also been enjoying our full support for over 2 years now – 1st. year was free, her second a $100.00 instead of the usual 120 because the economy has been difficult here in Cozumel this past couple of years.

Selene has contracted our maintenance package ($100.oo US / Year).

Tamarindo Cozumel Bed and BreakfastTamarindoCozumel.com (Since 2007) is a “Photo-Montage” Style Design, entirely written in xhtml1 -although transitional, it converts perfectly into strict xhtml.

Eliane (The Owner) did not care to update her own web site, she prefers taking care of her bed and breakfast which keeps her plenty busy.  She sometimes takes her own pictures, sometimes leaving it up to us. She’s very much depending on this web site to generate reservations and needs good SEO. The site actually scores 7th in the first page of Google for the key-phrase “cozumel bed and breakfast”.

As you may be able to see on the image here, it is in the 3 most spoken languages on the island. The web site cost of production for the past 2 years has reached around $1,000.00 US, (a little over 12,000.00 pesos M.N.). Eliane has recently asked us to re-design it, we understand that looking at the same web site on a daily basis for several years can get to you 🙂 The revamping is being estimated at around 4,000.00 pesos M.N.

Tamarindo Bed and Breakfast has now a new Design.

Amaranto Cozumel Bed and BreakfastTamarindoAmaranto.com (Since 2007) – Soon to be AmarantoBedandBreakfast.com

Jorge Ruiz-Esparza wanted something different…

He certainly did not want a static web site anymore. 🙂

We chose WordPress again because it fitted perfectly Jorge’s needs. He now enjoys uploading his own pictures, automatically tweeting from his website, keeping record of his clients, and getting reservations directly from his contact form to his Blackberry.

The site actually scores 6th in the first page of Google for the key-phrase “cozumel bed and breakfast”.

We charged Jorge only $400.00 US, we gave him the transfer of the domain name and the space on the server for free just for moving his site with us at HostingMotion.com 🙂 Good Deal No!?

cozumelchoice.comCozumelChoice.com (Since 2007)

Once again, we used WordPress Engine to power CozumelChoice.com. Beside the fact that WordPress is one of the best maintained CMS (Content Management System) out there, it is in constant development, it is very well supported, it is very stable, and we feel like a fish in the water using it. It definitely has its advantages for everyone to get to this level, quality, speed of execution and price wise. We recently got dumped by a local company for using it for their web site, saying that we did not give them a website but a blog LOL! This, and we don’t think this is our opinion only, could not have been the worse argument I’ve ever heard 😀 Don’t take our word for it, do a little research about it please, a little research will be all you’ll need to do, because it is all over the web.

All content (text and images) were provided by the owner, with some exceptions, but definitely helped keep the price down, the whole thing cost $400.00 US to implement, $9.50 US to renew the domain name, and $72.00 US to keep the hosting plan for another year.

The big advantage they have now, is that they can add, edit, or remove any tour they handle without our intervention.

CozumelChoice.com score #3 in the first page of Google for the phrase “tulum from cozumel”, #6 for “cozumel tulum tour”, and actually 3rd. for just “cozumel tulum”… Cool because this is what they actually specialized in, mainly offering visits to Tulum to cruise-ships passengers visiting Cozumel just for a day.

CozumelChoice.com has contracted our $100.00 US / Year Maintenance Package as well.

Sport Fishing CozumelSportFishingCozumel.com (Since 2009)

And Yes 😀 another one powered by WordPress engine lol.. We do like it and it shows, we do believe in its native way to deal with search in general. It’s actually difficult not to do well with search, because it is made to be actualized often, because it is easy to actualize too, therefore fresh info should come out of it… if not, it will go back down the search pages eventually.

So all I have to do is get WordPress for my next website “et voilà”! No!

They’re still things that WordPress doesn’t do natively, not many I have to say, still some xtra h1 tags that can get in some page(s) perhaps, when only one should suffice..

It is also a good idea to keep it to the latest version.. It is definitely recommended, and not only by us.. It does not do this by itself although.. Almost!

Concentrating on one (1) subject at a time is important… avoid mixing things in one page, even on one site… etcetera..

SportFishingCozumel.com scores #3 for a search such as “cozumel sportfishing” which is “easy” to do with a name like that. It’s good though because it is part of the suggested terms offered by Google as well.. Goes to show the importance of your domain name choice.

Proveedora del JoyeroProjoyero.com (Since 2009) An important one for us..

Important because it is a “semi” e-commerce website.. “Semi” because it doesn’t sell each and every product it carries online, for the simple fact that Proveedora del Joyero does not have all the products showed in the web site in large stock yet… A good reason not to add them all as accessible through the web cart if you wish to provide a timely delivery, like it is the case with its owners.

However a good way for us to get a hang of the implementation of one of those. We had done a couple of e-commerce website prior to this one, but they did not survive long enough to analyze their true value and longevity.

The site is entirely in Spanish, well… with some exception because we installed the core in English  for several reasons, one of them is the owners originally planned on making an English version of it, the second is that other languages take longer to get the latest version.

It also (to us) shows the stability of the core and modules powering it, have you guessed what engine we have used for it yet? 🙂

I have got to say “We Love It”!

Projoyero.com scores very well in the search engines for many keywords and sentences already, too long of a list to really be objective here.

Cultured PearlsCultured-Pearls.net – (Since 2010) Another important one for us..






More coming soon…

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