Mobile Website or Mobile Web for Smartphones

Do you need a website for mobile (cell phones) users?

Even better, do you want a website both handheld devices and regular desktop computers friendly?

Back in April 2010, Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley wrote:

more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs

Rapid Ramp of Mobile Internet Usage Will be a Boon to Consumers and Some Companies Will Likely Win Big (Potentially Very Big) While Many Will Wonder What Just Happened.

Search Google – PDF – Morgan Stanley Internet Trends

How many month have gone by since this (not so incredible News for those that can see) has been announced?

At the rate it is going now, by the end of 2013, Mobile Internet Users will equal Desktop ones. Even though Mobile Commerce revenue is only fractions of Desktop’s, it’s catching up extremely fast. Mobile users want to Chat, they want to listen to Music, Watch Videos, they want to connect, socialize, and as confidence in security grows, they will want to buy more.

Well, we’ll design a web site that will work beautifully on mobile phones, handsets, smartphones like iPhones, iPad, Androids, tablets, you name it, as well as regular desktop computers, we have the technology.

We can turn your site into a clean, simple, and lightweight site that is accessible and usable on a majority of handheld devices.

Inquire Bellow.

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